13. 7. 2023

We also modernize very old machines for special use.

For example, the DS5 dynamometer for the secondary school 🏫 Spojená škola v Nových Zámkoch in Slovakia, which was re-installed and commissioned by our designers and programmers directly at the school last week. The customer is MIVASOFT spol. s.r.o., which has been supplying technological equipment to schools for many years. Our company (predecessor MEZ Vsetín) produced this dynamometer in 1990. The dynamometers of the 1DS series (and DS) were equipped with mechanical scales ⚖️ that displayed the current load moment on a large dial gauge indicator.

And what did our technicians have to deal with?

✔️ Dismantled the old dynamometer control

✔️ Removed mechanical scales and replaced them with electronic force measurement using strain gauges

✔️ Modernized the speed sensing using the IRC sensor

✔️ Implemented modern dynamometer control using a frequency converter

✔️ Deployed their own developed DYNOx control system, modified according to the customer’s needs

Of course, overhaul was done as well: Replacement of bearings, inspection of the commutator, replacement of carbons and repainting of the entire dynamometer.

The team involved in the electrical and mechanical concept of the manufactured device comprises: Tomáš Jarošek (KAM), Miroslav Fila, David Spurný, Peter Januška, Lukáš Chrástecký, Michal Skácel, Václav Marcoň and Šimon Kristen.

Production of the device was lead by: Lukáš Matula and Jan Pifka

Thanks for the great teamwork 🔗 on the project!