1. 3. 2024

A generator for Styrkesneselva power plant

The following video captures moments of the final inspection that each of our products undergoes. And what is being inspected? Our detailed checklist includes for example:• attached spare parts

• completeness of the machine

• performance and lubrication labels with all parameters

• proper packaging including preservation of machined surfaces

• transport device

… and many other parametres

The specific machine is for Energi Teknikk 👍, a major supplier of equipment for hydroelectric power plants. Our loyal cooperation 🤝 has been going on since 2006! Its main parameters are:

▶Output 1 591kVA

▶ 1 000 rpm

▶ Nominal torque 13,5 kNm

▶ Voltage 690 V

The project for Styrkesneselva power plant is located in Sørfold municipality, Nordland in Norway and will be equipped with ET Francis turbine. We thank Energi Teknikk for the cooperation.