12. 2. 2024

A Contract Signed For the Third Generator to Greece

Unpleasant weather, though we have welcomed guests from Greece to sign a contract. 🤝 📝.

After a year since the first visit to TES VSETIN a.s., Mr. Sifakis from Greece honored us with his presence again, this time with the aim of signing the third contract for a generator (1870 kVA, 750 rpm).

Currently, Mr. Sifakis is focusing on reconstructions, during which he is replacing original asynchronous generators with synchronous ones and also planning the construction of new power plants.

In fact, they already have one generator (1825 kVA, 750 rpm) in sunny Greece from us. We signed a contract for it in May 2023, and it successfully arrived to them before Christmas.

This contract was formalized by our two managing directors, Tomas Pavlica and Jan Kasanicky. Notably, Olda Rac, who diligently manages this customer as our dedicated sales representative, couldn’t be absent from this occasion. Mr. Sifakis was accompanied by his wife.

We are pleased to be part of his projects and contribute to the success of his power plant initiatives.