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Motor has a robust, mainly welded construction, stator is divided.

Rotor is located at the pendent end of rope cylinder‘s shaft of mining machine and is fixated with tangencial wedges, which transfer torque from rotor star hub to cylinder‘s shaft.

Stator is fixated on base elements of mining machine, which are equipped with abutments to catch power from magnetic thrust of stator in perpendicular direction to parallel axis of machine. Motor does not have bearings.

Active parts of motor are cooled by air.

Motor is supplied in disassembled state and only the producer or approved organization is allowed to assemble it.

Conditions of Operation

Motor is intended for conditions of frequent starts, rotor turning in both directions, powering the stator winding from the inverter and the rotor from the exciter box, placed in engine room of +5°C to +40°C and cooling by and external generator.