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Motor has a robust, mainly welded construction, stator is divided.

Rotor is located at the pendent end of rope cylinder‘s shaft of mining machine and is fixated with tangencial wedges, which transfer torque from rotor star hub to cylinder‘s shaft.

Stator is fixated on base elements of mining machine, which are equipped with abutments to catch power from magnetic thrust of stator in perpendicular direction to parallel axis of machine. Motor does not have bearings.

Active parts of motor are cooled by air.

Motor is supplied in disassembled state and only the producer or approved organization is allowed to assemble it.

Conditions of Operation

Motor is intended for conditions of frequent starts, rotor turning in both directions, powering the stator winding from the inverter and the rotor from the exciter box, placed in engine room of +5°C to +40°C and cooling by and external generator.


Based on our documentation
Based on the customer's documentation

Low-power asynchronous motors as drives for elevators and escalators, low-voltage switchboards used for air control in buildings.

Company TES VSETÍN s.r.o. has the 100 years history and is the follower of traditional producer MEZSERVIS s.r.o.

Depending on the specific needs of the application, the customer may choose one of the designs in our portfolio or order a custom-made product based on his own proprietary documents. In addition to our serial production, we also manufacture customized switchboards for various branches of industry.

We offer customized low-voltage switchboards including their design, production and installation. The target application may be any kind of electrical equipment; new or old, including renovated and overhauled technological lines and machines.

A team of experienced designers and engineers prepares projects in the EPLAN system and in AutoCAD and Solid Edge design applications. Our switchboards are manufactured in a modern production hall. Every product is subject to individual testing in our high-tech electrical testing laboratory. Upon the customer's request we perform specialized types of tests and issue relevant certificates.


Various applications in electric drives, production lines, dynamometer testing stands and single-purpose machines.

Technical Data

Production capacity amounting to thousands of units per year.

Rail & Traction

Motors and generators compliant to all norms of railway industry. Motors as direct drives and generators for diesel aggregates. Direct connection to the diesel aggregate thru flexible coupling or connection thru transmission.

Conventional Energy

Generators fueled by conventional energy resources, delivered to every corner of the world.