Visions, Values & Ethical Codex

Visions & Values

With 100 years of experience in the production of electrical equipment, TES aspires to be the global partner of choice for purpose-built rotating electrical machines, drives and components.


When it comes to our employees and the products we manufacture, we put safety first.


We abide by the law and uphold business ethics.


We help our customers produce green energy, and we do it using green technologies.


We develop our firm in compliance with our region’s needs.


We respect each other and support a balance between the professional and private lives.


To reach our goals, we cooperate only with reliable suppliers.

Customers’ needs

We understand our customer’s needs and we secure our common future with the solutions we provide.


The projects we undertake for our customers translate into long–term profits both for them and for us.


To us, each new day is a new opportunity to improve our products, services and relationships.


We are constantly working to improve the quality of each of our products and activities.


What we promise, we deliver.

Code of Ethics TES VSETIN a.s.

The TES Code of Ethics sets out the basic principles and rules of behaviour and conduct within the company and towards customers and all other partners. With our Code of Ethics, the company is fully committed to compliance with the rules and procedures defined below. The Code of Ethics is not legally binding, however, its content and intent complements a wide range of statutory and legal regulations to which we adhere.

  • Compliance with the law and standards

    In all areas of our business we respect the applicable laws, regulations and similar rules of business.
  • Customers and suppliers

    We act professionally. We conduct our business in a manner that is consistent with the law and ethical standards. We expect the same from our business partners and suppliers.

    We respect previously established decisions that are always in compliance with the applicable laws, standards and regulations, as well as with the negotiated terms and conditions of business and general standards of business etiquette.

    We promote open communication. We readily provide all available information in a responsible, earnest, true and timely manner.
  • Quality, safety and environmental protection

    The quality of our products, the level of service we provide and our consistent compliance are the most valuable benefits our customers can expect from conducting business with us.

    We adamantly adhere to the principles of safety and risk prevention.

    We actively apply the principles of environmental protection.
  • Employees

    We respect the principles of teamwork. We pursue a common goal; we work together and we trust each other.

    We promote good interpersonal relationships, including vertical relationships within the hierachies in our team.

    We support professional growth and fair rewards for all employees.

    We always and under all circumstances protect company interests. We protect the confidentiality of all information we have obtained in the course of business and also in our private lives. We will never misuse confidential information for our own benefit or the benefit of third parties, both during and after the termination of our employment. Confidential information includes all information in any form to which we gain access during employment with the company, directly or indirectly.

    We have a positive mindset and we see problems as challenges.

    Employees are responsible for themselves and for their company, which they represent in their work, conduct and behaviour.
  • Shareholders

    We act openly and honestly. We provide all information that is considered relevant or useful to our shareholders and partners including financial, performance, ownership and company management details.

Scope of the management system

The organizational structure of the company’s management is defined with regard to long-term growth, stability and development of human potential.

The management system is applied to all the activities, products and services that the organization provides to its employees and persons working for it or through its mandate within the identified processes.

The management system is implemented to all environmental aspects and impacts of company’s activities and services.

The system is introduced throughout the company, except for the premises for rent, where the kitchen operation falls with its contractual terms.

The management system includes activities in the design, development and manufacturing of rotary electric machines, manufacturing of die-cutting tools and machine parts, including related welding process management according to certified standards (see below). Development, production, sale and servicing of switchboards with control systems for lift technology, electric drives, technological lines and test stands. Development, production and service of single-purpose machines. Production according to the documentation provided. The organization is also responsible for managing outsourced processes.

Company Policy