Wind Energy

Accommodating to the needs for greener energy with production of synchronous and asynchronous wind generators up to 12 MW.

Product Details

Wind – GSV, GSP

Synchronous generators have been optimized for outputs up to 30,000 kVA, they feature high efficiency and precise speed regulation. A new innovation is our generator with permanent magnets with outputs up to 4,000 kVA. Thanks to the progressive design, the machine is 30 % lighter than machines with a wound rotor. With excellent efficiency, easy installation and longer service intervals, the machine maximizes yield. The generators are optimally compatible with the mains; feeding is ensured with frequency converters.

Technical Data

GSP – generators with permanent magnets

Output: 500 – 4,000 kVA
Voltage: 400 – 6,600 V
Speed: 100 – 1,500 rpm
Protection: IP 23 - IP 56
Form: horizontal/vertical