16. 4. 2024

Small Hydro Powerplant Trilčův jez has already two Generators from TES VSETIN

For our customer, Strojírny Brno, we manufactured two generators (each with a capacity of 430 kVA ⚡ and 166.7 rpm 🔄) for the small hydro power plant Trilčův Jez in České Budějovice 🌊. The design team of Petr Škývara is proud of these inventions💡:

▶ Self-distribution of oil from the oil bath at the bottom of the oil chamber up to the radial bearing. Thanks to this, the upper oil hub can have a permanent oil charge instead oil pump.

▶ By eliminating the gearbox and thus direct connection of the generator to the turbine, it has the effect of reducing the potential failure rate of the machinery.

▶ The angular gearbox together with the lubrication unit contained approx. 400 l of oil🛢. Our self-lubricating upper bearing housing contains only a fraction of the original oil.

▶ It is also great that the noise 🙉 around the newly designed system has been significantly reduced. ☝

The first generator was commissioned in January 2023 and logged 7,900 operational hours over the year, which represents 90% operational capacity ⏱️.

The second generator was commissioned in January 2024 📅. We are grateful to Strojírny Brno for their trust in us 🤝.