13. 3. 2024

Generator for the Dornachbrugg hydroelectric plant

🏞️ The Dornachbrugg hydroelectric plant with a capacity of 1.54 MW, located at the Birs river in Switzerland, started its operation in 1996. The hydroplant is producing energy for about 2,000 households. Owned by Birseck Hydro AG, a subsidiary of aventron AG, is one of several hydropower plants operated by aventron across Europe.

The generator design of Dornachbrugg stands out with the following features:

  • It is installed at a 19° angle from the vertical, necessitating bearings engineered to handle both axial and radial loads simultaneously.
  • Additionally, the generator incorporates a specially designed free end housing a flywheel, which doubles as a flange for coupling connection. 🌊💡🔧