Complex offering in the field of test stands and automation solutions for car manufacturers and subcontractors. Company TES VSETÍN s.r.o. has the 100 years history and is the follower of traditional producer MEZSERVIS s.r.o.

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Test stands for vehicles
Test stands for combustion engines
Test stands for gearboxes

Our expertise in the production of testing equipment is rooted in our long tradition in the design and production of electric drives with dynamometers.
Our products may be used to test combustion engines, electric rotating machines, fans, pumps, compressors, gearboxes, distributor gears and whole vehicles. Our supply includes the complex technical solution of the whole test stand, including all measuring components, power components and mechanical components.

  • CMS Software

With a view to operating our test bed, we have developed its own CMS software. The CMS programme measures, depicts and records all magnitudes which are necessary for testing processes and procedures. The software is largely configurable, easily adjustable to particular motor types, and adaptable to all sorts of end-user demands.

Test stands for vehicles

Our modular vehicle test stand is designed for car manufacturers and large service centres, as well as for educational and R&D institutions. The test stands consist of DC dynamometers or asynchronous dynamometers used to actuate or brake the objects tested. They allow the measurement of torque, rotational speed, mechanical output and power input. Their strengths include high accuracy, easy configuration and operating mode control.

  • Test stands for passenger cars
    This stand is used to test the performance of a vehicle’s engine directly on its wheels. Two rollers connected to an electric air-cooled brake are used for static tests. Flywheel units with rollers enabling the simulation of equivalent inertial mass are used for dynamic tests.
  • Test stands for tractors
    Used to measure the performance parameters of tractors, this stand applies test load via a power take-off shaft, a roller dynamometer, or both, with an output of 1 MW.
  • Test stands for buses
    The roller stand is used to test the performance of a bus directly on its drive axle. Two rollers connected to electric dynamometers work in a braking mode and simulate the load.

Test stands for engines

Test stands for diesel engines and spark-ignition engines are intended for long-term testing and run-in testing in the automotive industry. They can be used for the highest quality testing including audit test stands.

  • Test stands for hot tests
    These are used to test the parameters of combustion engines. They allow the measurement, the recording and the analyses of parameters such as torque, power, speed, temperature, emission values, etc. Due to the modular design, the basic version of the test stand allows for testing eight different types of engine.
  • Modular audit test stand for combustion engines
    The stand is equipped with an induction generator, modern measuring equipment and a data acquisition system that uses hi-tech equipment to ISO 1585. Measurements are taken in an acoustically insulated box with an air-conditioning and ventilation system. The stand’s modular construction allows absolute versatility and mobility.

Test stands for gearboxes

These test benches are used to adjust, run-in and test hydrodynamic gearboxes, distributor gears and brake lining. The stand consists of an electric dynamometer gearbox, a locking brake, a brake and a cooling oil circuit. It works on the principle of dynamometers with a control system. The control system is used to collect the values measured, to program and configure the test, to monitor the limit values, to control the course of the test, and to automatically archive all data and print out a report.

Technical Data

Test stands for passenger cars

Max. test speed: 200 km/h
Max. load per axle: 2,000 kg
Roller diameter: 1,200 mm
Roller width: 600 mm
Distance between rollers: 900 mm
Inertial mass of rollers on axle: 1,130 kg

Testing of output and brakes of tractors and trucks

Max. test speed: 16 km/h
Roller diameter: 0.512 m
Roller width: 1,400 mm
Roller wheelbase: min. 700
Distance between rollers: 700 mm
Max. traction/braking force: 160 kN
Max. axle load: 15,000 kg

Test stands for hot tests

  • SIEMENS control systems
  • HBM measuring flange
  • measuring points according to requirements
  • collection and analysis of ECU values
  • distribution of diesel and gasoline
  • graphic user interface and controls on PC
  • tests programmed by user
  • multi-level monitoring of temperatures, pressures and electric quantities
  • 24 measurement channels as a standard, more channels upon request

Modular audit test stands

  • measurement of engine speed and output
  • measurement of blow-through
  • measurement of smoke emissions
  • measurement of fuel consumption
  • analysis of exhaust gases
  • graphic user interface and controls on PC
  • tests programmed by user
  • multi-level monitoring of temperatures, pressures and electric quantities
  • 24 to 64 measurement channels as a standard
  • ASD asynchronous dynamometers:
    • 130 kW, 10,000 rpm
    • 235 kW, 9,000 rpm
    • 340 kW, 9,000 rpm
    • 440 kW, 8,000 rpm

Test stands for gearboxes

Driving torque: do 250 Nm
Input rpm: 0 – 5,000 rpm
Load torque on each half axle: do 1,820 Nm