22. 6. 2023

Vertical Generator for Water Power Plant in Trilč Jez

The weir “Trilčův jez” in České Budějovice (South of Bohemia) was built in the 1930s together with other weirs on this section of the Vltava river, with the aim of stabilizing the water level. In 1940, a hydroelectric power plant 🌊⚡ was completed here. Until recently, it was equipped with 2 Kaplan turbines, an angular gearbox and a horizontal generator.

TES Vsetín was approached by the general contractor of the power plant reconstruction , Strojírny Brno, to replace the original solution with vertical slow-running generators. We already delivered the first of them at the end of last year (430 kVA, 166.7 min-1) and the replacement of the second awaits us soon.

▶ The design team of Petr Škývara is proud of an invention 💡 in the form of self-distribution of oil from the oil bath at the bottom of the oil chamber up to the radial bearing. Thanks to this, the upper oil hub can have a permanent oil charge instead oil pump.

▶ By eliminating the gearbox and thus direct connection of the generator to the turbine, it has the effect of reducing the potential failure rate of the machinery.

▶ The angular gearbox together with the lubrication unit contained approx. 400 l of oil🛢. Our self-lubricating upper bearing housing contains only a fraction of the original oil.

▶ It is also great that the noise 🙉 around the newly designed system has been significantly reduced. ☝