14. 12. 2023

Generators for a Water Power Plant Station at Sarpfallen.

👨‍🔧 👨‍🔧 ✈  Our service team has successfully launched two vertical generators for the water power plant Borregaard Kraftverk (HPP) in Sarpsborg, Norway, 🌊 whose owner is Sarpsfoss Ltd. The first rapids were formed here 4000 years ago. Since then the waterfall has grown higher and higher following the rising level of the land. Today it is Scandinavia’s most powerful waterfall. 

The new turbine units G8 and G8 will operate together with 11 other generators. The two new units are replacing the former water pumps. The generators feature a cylindrical rotor, boasting a remarkable power output of 1250 kW each. 🔄💡

Output1 250kW
Speed333 rpm
Weight15 480 kg

Though Borregaard HPP are selling their production on the official grid the nearby Borregaard paper mill needing a lot of power for their production easily find it📜🌳. the picture of the fabric is below.

We are grateful for the confidence placed in us by Energi Prosjekt AS and Sarpfoss Limited, as well as for the outstanding collaboration throughout the project. 🙏🤝

Kudos to our dedicated service team, including Jaroslav Bednařík and Jiří Kacele, for their expertise in bringing these generators to life and also to many other colleagues working previously on the project 🛠️👏.