3. 11. 2023

High voltage vertical generator ⚡ for Kjeråa Kraft in Namskoggen

Now the power plant Kjeråa Kraft is under construction with investor being the company Blåfall Utvikling AS. The power plant will supply energy to the village of Namskoggan celebrating its 100-year anniversary this year. The plant can deliver power to around 500 households.

A very good job has been done by all actors in this project:

The progress is according to the original plan and we hope to present pictures of the completed power plant soon.

And technical details? 👉 In this project, we dealt with a not quite usual method of ventilation, when on the NDE side we designed a flange for mounting a channel for the removal of warm air.

We also had to respect the height of the machine. By optimizing the topology of the generator, we reached only 3.4 m📏. The generator received a new generation of stator frame, which meets the strict requirements for the operation of the generator under nominal and transient load, but at the same time it is 10% lighter ⚖ than its older version.

▶ Nominal power 3790 kW

▶ Nominal speed 750 min

▶ IP21 protection

▶ Voltage 6600 V