Company Policy

Scope of the management system

The organizational structure of the company’s management is defined with regard to long-term growth, stability and development of human potential.

The management system is applied to all the activities, products and services that the organization provides to its employees and persons working for it or through its mandate within the identified processes.

The management system is implemented to all environmental aspects and impacts of company’s activities and services.

The system is introduced throughout the company, except for the premises for rent, where the kitchen operation falls with its contractual terms.

The management system includes activities in the design, development and manufacturing of rotary electric machines, manufacturing of die-cutting tools and machine parts, including related welding process management according to certified standards (see below). Development, production, sale and servicing of switchboards with control systems for lift technology, electric drives, technological lines and test stands. Development, production and service of single-purpose machines. Production according to the documentation provided. The organization is also responsible for managing outsourced processes.

Company Policy