12. 11. 2020

We present you the TOKAMAK project

This year, the company TES VSETÍN s.r.o. started cooperation with the Institute of Plasma Physics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

The first joint project is the production and installation of a new, more powerful pulse source for the TOKAMAK COMPASS-U transformer, in which TES will participate in the production of a set consisting of a pulse synchronous generator, an asynchronous motor and a flywheel with other accessories.

The current TOKAMAK COMPASS-U transformer has been in operation since 2008 and is dedicate to maintain plasma for thermonuclear fusion. However progress in science and technology is never ending and therefore need to be replaced by more powerful and modern equipment.

The project is unique not only thanks to the cooperation with the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, but also in terms of the size of the transformer assembly itself. The total weight of the set is 130 tons, with frame dimensions of 9.5 x 3.5 m.

The commencement of cooperation with the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic is thus a further extension of the scope of TES VSETÍN s.r.o. in the scientific-academic field.