Successful development of low speed permanent magnet generator


TES has designed first prototype of unique and highly customized permanent magnet vertical generator with nominal output 600 kW at only 13 rpm, 690V. Contract was signed for project realized by a consortium of companies from Scandinavia and UK developing an energy converter capturing energy from waves with a unique working principle which is based on the shape of the device. The converter is designed to respond to the movement of waves. Asymmetrical shape of the hull creates a gyration movement in waves which makes the generator inside the hull rotate. Power train from wave to electricity is direct without any mechanical or hydraulic gears in between. Simplicity is one of values of this new energy production technology. For TES this was already second contract in last 12 month for an extremely low speed permanent magnet machine. Although the application were very different, common interest of customers was to avoid gearbox from their drive to eliminate risks associated with gearbox failures.

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