TES VSETÍN secured 6 MVA generator for Hydro Power Plant in Norway


TES VSETÍN was awarded a contract for the supply of a synchronous generator for new hydropower station in Norway. The contract involved supply of generator type GSV900S6, capacity: 6045 kVA, voltage: 6600 V, frequency: 50 Hz, rated speed: 1000 rpm, over-speed capacity: 1800 rpm.

Pelton turbine with an output of 4,99MW was used in this project. After implementation the annual energy generation will be about 20 GWh and about 1000 households will benefit from renewable energy.

The general positive effect was demonstrated by the statement of the Minister Tord Lien, who said that this project has not only environmental benefits, but also provides opportunities for local business development and economic growth.

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