TES Development Supported through Cooperation with University


TES VSETÍN s.r.o. is now cooperating on selected developmental projects with VUT Brno, University of Technology, Department of Power Electrical and Electronic Engineering, UVEE, specifically, with the Faculty of Electronics and Communication Technologies. These projects are bound by the common denominator of construction and electromagnetic design optimization for generators in hydropower plants. The success in sales within Europe and abroad make TES number one in the world in this sector. This cooperation with VUT was ensured through the work of the world-renowned Doc. Ing. Čestmír Ondrůšek, CSc., who has a wealth of experience in the usage of optimization algorithms in industry applications.

“It is worth investing in optimization projects with the current and the forecasted sale volumes because, at lower rates, there would be insufficient returns on investments”, said Mr. Lukáš Konečný, Director of Marketing and Business Development. “Due to the anticipated results from these projects, TES VSETÍN s.r.o. predicts an increase in bid attractiveness for customers and, as a result, competitors with lower sales volumes are not able to invest in similar projects”, he added.

TES employs approximately 60 highly specialized engineers, constructors, draftsmen and project designers, who not only work on contracts, but predominantly on continual data measurement and evaluation of machines produced.  The results of this work reveal the areas of possible optimization, which are consequently evaluated in terms of estimated costs, economic benefits and benefits for customers. The company considers its priorities with these factors in mind.

There are projects within the company based on similar approaches e.g.: projects pertaining to weight reduction in connection with increases in the strength  of generator skeletons; a project aimed at decreasing electromagnetic noise; increasing electrical efficiency; the development of 5 – 30 MW generators; and, finally, a project concerning the modularization of construction, which is currently in process. These projects have helped us significantly as we maintain our position as world number one in the small hydropower plant generator sector, i. e.: power plants up to 30 MW.

The cooperation with VUT currently involves 3 projects concentrating on isolation systems, cooling and instrumental equipment for electromotors and generators.

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