Company History

1919 In September 1919, Josef Sousedík announces in a Vsetín newspaper that he is opening an electrical engineering factory on the site of a former sawmill in Vsetín-Trávníky belonging to builder, Rudolf Londin.

1920 Josef Sousedík submits his first patent for an automatic starter and, a year later, another patent for a three-phase self-excited generator. In the following years he submits a total of 58 patents in Czechoslovakia and 163 more abroad.

1927 A foundry with a pattern shop is built. A new machine tool shop goes into operation. 
Here, DC machines are produced, and later synchronous AC generators and squirrel-cage induction motors are added to the product line. 

1934 The Company has as many as 200 employees, but it feels the effects of the Great Depression and Josef Sousedík's property is transferred to the Ringhoffer-Tatra Company.

1945 The Company develops further under the brand name MEZ Vsetín, which later becomes the property of ZSE Praha holding. Most products are exported to the Soviet Union.

1994 The Company is privatized and TES VSETÍN, s.r.o. is founded.

1995 The design department increases the output of DC metallurgical motors. TES expands, especially in Western Europe.

2002 TES introduces vertical and horizontal generators for small hydroelectric power stations. The synchronous version is produced with outputs up to     3 MW, asynchronous up to 1 MW. Products for the renewable energy sector are first introduced.

2005 The Company expands to other continents. Generators for hydroelectric power stations have outputs up to 5 MW, generators for general industry up to 4 MW, permanent-magnet motors up to 2 MW, and induction voltage regulators up to 1,400 kVA.

2010 TES introduces a generator for wind power stations. It becomes the leader in the wind power generator sector.

2011 TES is included in the portfolio of the global investor Advent International.

2012 The Company merges with MEZSERVIS, a well-known manufacturer of electric drives, testing stands, switchboards and industrial automation projects.