Technical Development at TEM

TES boasts numerous carefully structured R & D teams. The company promotes a combination of credentials and experience and encourages ambitions in team members and progress toward their goals.We create a pleasant working milieu and optimum technical support for the development of products with excellent functional properties. TES has created space for the technical development of new products and an effective application design department within its new organizational structure. Designers have a direct influence on the customer’s maximum satisfaction thanks to their participation in the product unit and their co-operation in all the phases of the project.


Development of synchronous generators with salient poles
The primary contribution of a rotor with salient poles is the higher efficiency of the generator while maintaining the machine’s axis height. The first 10 machines produced are being used in hydroelectric power plants; further ones are to be produced.

Expansion of the product line to meet voltage and frequency needs
We can now provide generators with outputs of up to 20 MW after successfully completing a project aimed at increasing the output and voltage of the machines. As part of this project we have set up a new state-of-the-art test field for electric machines with outputs of up to 20 MW and voltages of up to 6.6 kV.We have cranes with an 85-ton capacity at our disposal.

Optimization of generator frame
Thanks to design modifications aimed at lightening machine construction while maintaining its quality properties, the weight of a generator frame was reduced by dozens of percentage points.


Development of synchronous generators with permanent magnets
The R&D team has successfully finished developing a generator with permanent magnets with an output range from 0.5 to 3.0 MW. This type of generator is suitable for wind power turbines and water turbines that use kinetic energy from rivers; during the testing procedure an efficiency of 97.9 % was achieved.

Optimization of generator noise level
A reduction in noise levels, which was achieved with the help of modifications to electromagnetic calculations, makes is possible to employ the machines in more densely populated areas.