Synchronous Motors

With permanent magnets – MSP series

The main products are motors with permanent magnets. For each application, machines are designed with their own electrical calculations, tailor-made mechanical construction and equipped with user-specific accessories. The motors distinguished themselves by offering advantages in the form of optimum run, easy operation and long service life.


MSP are suitable for use in the shipping industry due to their outstanding torque properties. The motors are designed mainly for auxiliary drives. The construction of the motors complies with the classification directives for ships, e.g. ABS, BV, DNV, GL, LRS.

Mountain cableways and skilifts

MSP are suitable for gearless drives for mountain cableways. The motors have excellent torque characteristics even at very low speeds. Thanks to the product’s properties, reliable operation overlonger service intervals isensured.


MSP – motors with permanent magnets
Output: 100 – 4,000 kW
Torque: 5 - 350 kNm
Voltage: 400 – 6,600 V
Speed: 10 – 1,500 rpm
Form: horizontal/vertical