Lifting Tables

Lifting Table - ZS 2400 type

This lifting table is destined primarily to meet the needs of the test fields. The base plate with heads for guide columns carries the load. Products to be tested are fastened to a clamping surface with T grooves. Under the clamping plate there is an elevating screw in axial bearings. The plate movement is secured with a gear motor that operates on a screw-gear principle. The machine is equipped with protection against overloading and with a control panel placed between the table plates. The robust design and high-quality workmanship ensure its long service life.

Test Stands

The lifting table is a suitable accessory to test stand dynamometers in electric rotating machine test fields. The lifting table enables machines being tested to be raised to the dynamometer axis in a stable position. Labour-intensive manual support and positioning of the tested product is replaced by automated precise alignment of the tested machine and dynamometer axes.


Clamping plate dimensions: 1,200 x 1,200 mm
Clamping T grooves: 24H7, 11 grooves
Clamping plate height 
from the base:
min. 600 mm
max. 1000 mm
Vertical adjustability of clamping plate: 400 mm
Weight of the tested machine: max. 2,400 kg
Supply: 3 x 380 V / 50 Hz
Input power: 750 W
Dimensions (l*w): 1,300 x 1,200 mm
Weight: 1,800 kg