Induction Voltage Regulators

NTA - Induction Voltage Regulators
NTB - Induction Voltage Regulators
NTP - Induction Voltage Regulators

The division’s product line features electric machines destined for stepless voltage regulation using induction voltage regulators,also known as boosters. They are suitable for applications in test rooms to maintain voltage levels where there is a risk of fluctuations, or for temperature control in resistor furnaces as sources of regulated voltage. 

According to specific customer needs they are implemented as single or double three-phase autotransformers with different input connection types including an unusual Pensabene’s connection.

Test Fields

An induction voltage regulator is a good voltage source in test rooms for electric machines, TV transmitters, in engineering offices, laboratories, or in resistance furnaces in the metallurgical industry. Among the advantages of this product are controllability of the source voltage, absence of upper harmonics in the input sinusoidal voltage and thus absence of spurious signals, resistance against electromagnetic impulses and against overloading and, importantly,  reliability, easy operation and maintenance, and a long service life.


Product Specification:

  • NTA series:  single three-phase induction voltage autotransformers with a wide or narrow continuous voltage regulation range.
  • NTB series: double three-phase induction voltage transformer with a delta or star connection output winding option and the possibility of use as an autotransformer.
  • NTP series: single three-phase induction voltage autotransformers. These machines may be used for three-phase or single-phase current draw.