Synchronous Generators

With a cylindrical rotor – GSH
With salient poles – GSV
With permanent magnets – GSP

Synchronous generators are among the TEM division’s products in highest demand. They are suitable for all types of hydro turbines with outputs up to 30,000 kVA. In spite of the product’s common characteristics,it is a customized product manufactured according to requested parameters for each specific application. The machine design is worked out by a team of experienced designers. A thorough quality inspection is done during the manufacturing of each unit. The machines are fitted with bearings of the highest quality. The continuous care of the R&D team for electric rotating machines enables us to offer synchronous generators of high quality and a long service life. 

Small Hydropower Plants – GSH, GSV, GSP

Generators for small hydropower plants are distinguished by robust construction and excellent parameters with high efficiency. They are attractive, above all, due to the combination of high reliability and innovation that they feature. This results in an economically advantageous solution. Thanks to a new design of rotors with salient poles,the machines achieve high outputs up to 30,000 kVA. Our long experience ingenerator manufacturing has resulted in the production of ecologically clean energy in more than five hundred hydropower plants.

Wind – GSV, GSP

Synchronous generators have been optimized for outputs up to 30,000 kVA, they feature high efficiency and precise speed regulation. A new innovation is our generator with permanent magnets with outputs up to 4,000 kVA. Thanks to the progressive design, the machine is 30 % lighter than machines with a wound rotor. With excellent efficiency, easy installation and longer service intervals, the machine maximizes yield. The generators are optimally compatible with the mains; feeding is ensured with frequency converters.

Marine – GSH, GSV, GSP

These generators are suitable for use in the shipping industry: for tankers, supply ships, multi-purpose cargo ships and ferryboats. They are used to feed electrical networks, emergency supplies of special aggregates or for auxiliary drives. The machines are intended for individual or parallel operation.

Parameters of respective generator types:

GSH – generators with a cylindrical rotor
Output: 100 – 10,000 kVA
Voltage: 400 – 13,800 V
Speed: 100 – 1,500 rpm
Cooling: water, air
Protection: IP 23 – IP 56
Form: horizontal/vertical
GSV – generators with salient poles
Output: 100 – 30,000 kVA
Voltage: 400 – 13,800 V
Speed: 250 – 1,500 rpm
Protection: IP 23 - IP 56
Form: horizontal/vertical
GSP – generators with permanent magnets
Output: 500 – 4,000 kVA
Voltage: 400 – 6,600 V
Speed: 100 – 1,500 rpm
Protection: IP 23 - IP 56
Form: horizontal/vertical