Asynchronous Generators

With a short-circuit armature
GAK series

GAK series of asynchronous generators with a short-circuit armature is suitable for all types of hydro turbines with outputs up to 1.5 MW. This series meets the specific requirements for alternators intended for this application. The main features are robust construction and sufficiently dimensioned machine parts. The rotor is executed with regard to a possible occurrence of increased rotational speed. The generators are destined both for parallel operation with the mains and for single operation.

Thanks to a wide range of variants and accessories we can fulfill broad demands of customers; horizontal or vertical design, antifriction or slide bearings, free shaft ends according to demand, buildup of terminal boxes, etc.

Small Hydro Power Plants – GAK

Due to its parameters this generator type is primarily suitable for hydropower plants with turbines of outputs up to 1,500 kW. Asynchronous machines do not need any regulator and, thanks to their simpler construction, they have a good return of investment even with lower outputs at a hydropower plant.



GAK – generators with a short-circuit armature
Output: 100 – 1,500 kW
Voltage: 400 – 6,600 V
Speed: 200 – 1,500 rpm
Protection: IP 23 – IP 56
Form: horizontal/vertical