Complete service TED

Complex maintenance and servicing of electric drives and industrial automation, repairs and servicing of electric motors.

Drives and automation

  • Installation and commissioning of new equipment 
  • Programming of converters and PLCs 
  • Upgrades for older drives manufactured by MEZ Vsetín and MEZSERVIS Vsetín 
  • Replacement of irreparable W-L drives or DC converters 
  • Calibration of test stations with dynamometers 
  • Testing, measurement and analysis of PROFIBUS DP/PA, MPI networks 
  • Operator training

Equipment servicing

  • DS, 1DS, 2DS – produced by MEZ Vsetín and MEZSERVIS Vsetín
  • Rotating dynamometers (V125, V 250, V 500 MEZ Vsetín) 
  • Express lifts (RV10, RV20, RV30 MEZ Vsetín and MEZSERVIS Vsetín) 
  • Drives for cableways and ski lifts (BVL, TATRAPOMA with converters by MEZ Vsetín, ZPA Děčín, Control Techniques, Siemens) 
  • Horizontal boring machines (WH Škoda Plzeň, TOS Varnsdorf) 
  • Planing machines (HD TOS Holoubkov) 
  • Vertical boring machines (SK ČKD Blansko, TOS Hulín) 
  • Lathes (SPT Kovosvit Sezimovo Ústí, SPS ZPS Zlín) 
  • Peeling machines, veneer slicing machines (KPS Moravské Budějovice) 
  • Dry and wet wire-drawing machines (ZOM Nymburk) 
  • Regulated drives for centrifuges, beet cutters, sugar extractors in sugar mills 
  • Special DC control drives with converters (M4, 3M, 4M, 5M, Formic, ITM, MTM, IRO, Control Techniques, Siemens, Lenze, Omron)

Repairs of Siemens control systems

  • Repairs of Siemens control systems (SIMATIC, SIMODRIVE, SINUMERIC), operator panels and touchscreen displays, converters (MICROMASTER) and other automation components and drives. 
  • Warranty service and post-warranty service


Repairs and service of motors

  • Repairs and service of electric motors - replacement of bearings, sensors and other components, rewinding of electric motors, inspection reports. 
  • Overhauls of DC motors - cleaning, restoration of insulating coating, replacement of bearings, rewinding of commutators, replacement of brushes, inspection and setting of brush pressure, replacement of original DC tachogenerators with IRC sensors.


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