Research & Development

TES has its own R&D team with an elaborate organizational structure and many professional experts. Our company supports the professional development of our educated R&D staff as they seek to enhance their qualifications, broaden theire xperience and fulfil their ambitions. We try to create a pleasant working environment and provide our experts with state-of-the-art equipment to research and develop products of excellence. Under our new organizational structure, we provide opportunities for the technical development of new solutions, as well as the actual ability to construct the newly designed products. Thanks to their close cooperation with the production unit, our designers can participate in every stage of the manufacturing process and they can therefore directly contribute to the satisfying the specific needs of the customer.

Our team consists of experts in the fields of drives, industrial automation and control software. They focus their attention on new trends related to test stands for vehicles and engines. We greatly benefit from our cooperation with prestigious universities such as the Technical University in Liberec and the Technical University in Ostrava, as well as from the support of specialists from renowned companies, such as ABB, Emerson, Siemens and others.

2012 - 2013

One of the outcomes of our R&D is the monitoring device for TES generators marketed under the LifeProtect® trade mark, which can also be used in any other application or system.

This test stand for passenger vehicle powertrains  is the result of a special project implemented in co-operation with the Technical University in Liberec. The test stand can simulate the resistance of road surfaces, even when the car is turning, it can measure power output, and the losses between the engine and the wheels. It can be used to test the powertrains of 4WD or 2WD vehicles.


Modular roller test station
Another success of our R&D team is its participation in the development of a modular roller test station for passenger cars, financed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade within the "Impulse" project.

Control system for small
hydroelectric power stations
The development teams of our TEM and TED divisions cooperated on the project to develop a control system for small hydroelectric power stations with an output of up to 1 MW. The synergy in the cooperation between the two divisions allowed us to supply a truly complex solution - a generator as well as a control system.