TEC Technologies

Design department and customer support

A sophisticated system of order processing ensures the optimal progression through the project’s respective preproduction and production phases with a stress laid on securing a sufficient extent of customer awareness according to his individual demands.

Welding (e.g. frames, bearing shields)

Highly qualified experts operate sophisticated technologies (e.g. MAG, MIG, TIG and electrode welding) and also high-powered welding robots. Within the spectrum of technologies at our disposal are orbital pipewelding, steel sheetrolling, flame cutting with acetylene, mechanical material dividing and plumbing.  Our welding shop is ISO EN 3834-2certified.

Machining (shafts, frames, shields)

Production machining technologies for one-offs or massproduction include CNC turning, milling, drilling, cylindrical and surface grinding, coordinate drilling, electrospark cutting and boring, penetration testing and ultrasound testing.

Lamination production

High quality and flexibility are ensured by own designs and manufacture of tools for electrolamination pressing. We produce circular and segment sheets (30° - 60°), stator laminations (to diameters of 1,200 mm) and rotors (to diameters of 2,000 mm), in block or progressive tools, and in small or large batches; we also include deburring. The laminations can be stacked in various technology types on demand.

Winding (stators, rotors, exciters)

Technological phases include the manufacture of coils (wire or profile coils) for low and high voltage; winding of complete rotors, stators or exciters; bandaging of rotors and stators; fixing permanent magnets onto rotors; and consecutive balancing on the most up-to-date balancing machine.


Impregnation and assembly

Products undergo impregnation in solvent-free thermal class epoxy resin, assembly, and air compression painting.


Type and serial tests of electric machines are performed in our new prototype center. The test field enables the testing of electric machines with a full load of up to 4 MVA; an output increase is planned.


Packing and dispatching of finished products including all administrative services required for export.