TEC Services

Besides manufactured products,the TEC division offers customers a wide portfolio of services. The goal is to provide a complex system resulting in customer care as a precondition of long-term cooperation and a reliable partnership. We are an experienced partner in providing supplies for following applications:

Outsourcing of production

The distribution and capacity of modern technologies for the manufacture of machine parts and electric machines enables the provision of component production in the desired qualities, volumes and delivery times. The complexity of our manufacturing capacities is a precondition for unique combinations of collaborative production, from laminations, through winding, to complete electric machines. We also have tool shop facility for the production of block and progressive pressing tools at our disposal.

Proposal of the optimum technology

To identify the best technology available, we work on the drawing documentation, conduct consultations and then choose the optimum production operations. Mutual cooperation between the customer‘s design department and manufacturer‘s technology team brings about unique solutions for specific production batches. Thus,the projects realized achieve time and cost savings in the production of various components.

Calibration of measuring apparatus

Our own up-to-date metrologic centre provides services in the gauge calibration of length, angle, electrical, thermometry, and torque.The metrologic laboratory is connected with the Czech Metrology Institute.

Logistic services

In carrying out deliveries, we pack for all types of transportation including overseas transport, and we secure reliable transport to all the countries of the world including the processing of complete export paperwork and customs agendas. Insurance of the goods to be transported is included in our services.