Complete Electric Machines

  • Synchronous generators
  • Asynchronous generators
  • Synchronous motors
  • Asynchronous motors
  • Exciters
  • Other electric rotating machines

In addition to machine components, we do customized production of complete electric machines built to the customer’s technical documentation. All phases of the manufacturing process of these electric machines, from the production of mechanical parts through winding and impregnation to the assembly and testing are undertaken with in our own manufacturing facilities.

Our product portfolio is broad and includes machines with the following parameters:

outputs of 100 – 20,000 kW
voltages of 400 – 13,800 V
speeds of 100 – 1,500 rpm
degrees of protection of IP 23 – IP 65
horizontal or vertical mounting arrangements

Executions as synchronous with a smooth rotor or with salient poles, asynchronous with a short-circuit armature, or with permanent magnets. The quality of our production is evidenced in our long-term cooperation with renowned world players in the electrotechnics business.