TES VSETÍN has opened a new test hall to produce and test generators and motors


Vsetín – TES new testing hall designed for rotating electrical machine prototypes – motors and generators production and testing – is being opened by a traditional producer in Wallachia region.  Herewith, TES extends the range of machine testing up to 20 MW

„TES keeps investing in development of renewable sources of energy. The new centre for prototypes provides opportunities for advancement and further development of our most successful contemporary projects, which are generators for small hydro power. Expanding the portfolio of our products, above all in the direction towards large electrical machines, we had to find a progressive solution to our testing capacity.  We used to solve the lack of  testing opportunities for  our innovations and large scale machines by means of cooperation. From now on, we are   independent and self-reliant to test our latest engineering solutions and technologies absolutely. What more – we are offering the prototype testing hall to other companies all over the country, to take advantage of it,“ stated the chief executive, Ing. David Bečvář.  

The new test hall is home to modern testing facilities and cranes of capacity up to 80 metric tonnes. In these days, there are generators of the output up to 4 MW being tested in the hall.  However, the testing capacity is going to be  increased up to 20 MW in 2013, and the topped voltage rating  of 13 kV is expected to come into use in 2014/15. The supplier of dedicated testing technology is ELCOM, a.s.. The hall is situated on the former coal yard on the premises of TES VSETÍN, s.r.o. The built-up area of the hall is 2 311 m2. The building was erected within 10 months only. 


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/video/casosber_exterier_interier_en.flv New testing facility New testing facility

A presentation of TES new testing facility for the mayor of Vsetin and the Czech media