Come and check us out. Even if you are planning to start begin your career at a later date, looking around a little bit can do you no harm. Test the theory you have learned in practice. You will be welcomed. Contact us and, together, we will find a mutually satisfying way to work together.

The following is offered to students of secondary schools and vocational schools:

  • Excursions for teachers and students 
  • Practical experience and part-time jobs for students 
  • Cooperation with your school 
  • Attractive employment opportunities

The following is offered to college graduates:

  • Job fairs 
  • Trainee programs 
  • Support in writing bachelor and master theses


Jiráskova 691
755 01 Vsetín
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 571 812 111
Fax: +420 571 413 200
Department of human resources:
Tel.: +420 571 812 330