Careers at TES

TES cares about its employees and its employees care about TES. The aim of TES as an employer is to make our employees "feel good" at work so they will keep coming to work every morning feeling comfortable and satisfied. We are renovating and reorganizing our buildings on an on-going basis to create a pleasant working environment. We have introduced a complex system of personal goalsetting to allow our employees to achieve expected performance standards and to enable them to further their professional growth. We support them as they engage in activities to improve their professional skills and abilities. Product teams are an important element of our new organizational structure. They help us create conditions for interactive cooperation and the development of a sense of responsibility in all team members for the finished product. We organize after-work social and sporting events for our employees and we even publish a corporate magazine.
Through a number of internal projects, our employees contribute to positive changes within the company. Their good ideas, their improvement proposals and their active participation in the development of the company are among the things we value most in our employees.